Our integrations are technologically based on three types of solutions.

      • small specialized modules that are used for simple 2-system integrations
      • hardware modules for connecting devices with electronic interfaces
      • Medway integration bus, which is an extensive solution specialized in multi-channel connection of multiple systems and devices

Medway Enterprise Service Bus

It is a solution for the multi-track, multi-channel interconnection of multiple devices and systems based on different communication technologies.

Distributability and scalability

Medway Integration Bus is built on the latest technologies and can run in a distributed environment, on multiple machines, in the cloud, or virtual containers… It also allows you to scale the solution as the workload increases, for example, when you expand the system with new components.

A coherent system instead of a simple sum of elements

The Medway enterprise service bus ensures the flow of data streams from the appropriate senders to the appropriate recipients. Its unique feature, however, is that it allows these streams to be enriched with data from yet other systems. This allows multiple devices and systems to work together so that they form one cohesive environment.

Alerts & Monitoring

Medway Integration Bus provides the ability to integrate with event logging and alerting systems (e.g. Sentry, Kibana). This allows you to keep track of your system’s operation and receive alerts when technical problems occur, regardless of which system they occur in.

Multiple technologies in one product

The Medway enterprise service bus is encapsulated with many modules specialized for communication with a variety of interfaces. We support all popular communication technologies (TCP/IP, WebServices, REST API, JMS, SQL …), as well as communication standards used in medicine and pharmacy systems (HL7, FHIR, WWKS …). On the other hand, thanks to hardware modules, we can route data streams from simple electronic devices such as sensors to the bus.

Adaptation to changing needs

Medway Integration Bus can include a stub in the form of an easy-to-use module in which you can customize the data flow. This allows you, after deployment, to change the settings yourself as your infrastructure changes.