Our company specializes in integrating medical systems and devices with each other. Thanks to the technological core of our Medway ESB, encapsulated with specialized modules, we can integrate almost any system and device. The only conditions are only whether the system/device/sensor in question allows it, its manufacturer has provided for such an option and documentation is available. Our offer can be divided into different types, which are described below





The primary benefit of our integration solutions is the ability to connect multiple systems and devices according to the specifications of the manufacturers of those devices. The „translation” of these specifications into other specifications is taken care of by our Medway data ESB using flexible semantic definitions, but taking care of the logical consistency of the solution and the data.

This significantly reduces the cost of integration, because it removes the need for development work and customization by the various manufacturers of the integrated systems and devices, and shifts this work to our company. This not only reduces costs but centralizes the management of integrations and makes it easier to take care of the consistency of the entire project.

standard integrations




These are typical integrations that are standard in medical facilities such as:

  • Hospital system (HIS) <-> Laboratory system (LIS)
  • Hospital system (HIS) <-> Radiology system (RIS)
  • Hospital / radiology system (HIS / RIS) <-> Telemedicine systems
  • Hospital system (HIS) <-> pharmacy system
  • Hospital system (HIS) <-> Queuing system.
  • Hospital / radiology system (HIS / RIS) <-> NHF / NFZ

      While on both sides, the above systems can be multiplied. A flagship example is the integration of telemedicine systems where on one side we can order from HIS or RIS, and on the other side, we have many different partner systems implementing, for example, teleradiology.

      Medical automation and robotics

      The second group of integrations we perform is integrations of various types of medical devices and robotics with HIS or warehouse/pharmacy systems. Examples of implementations include:

      • Integration of automated drug stores
      • Integration of UnitDose class robots
      • Integration of automatic carousel racks
      • Integration of automated ward pharmacies and drug carts
      • Integration of robots to produce liquid unit doses
      • Integration of robots for cytostatics production
      • Integration of drug monitoring devices
      • Integration of medical and personal sensors

      If you would like not only to integrate medical robotics devices but also to buy them, we also encourage you to contact us. Together with our hardware partner Medim, we will help you choose devices that are proven and trouble-free to integrate.

      custom integrations

      Thanks to our extensive portfolio of integration modules, we are also able to perform custom integrations according to the specifications of system and device manufacturers. We will lead such a project on your behalf, contact manufacturers, and arrange technical details.

      We are also competent in integration with electronic interfaces, which are often used in various types of sensors or small devices.

      Integrations of imaging devices with PACS

      Many companies on the market specialize in PACS-class systems and connecting imaging devices to them. These companies include our partners like Radpoint and Apps4med. We do not provide this type of service ourselves, as we believe they are better than us, and we will be happy to put you in touch with them.





        In the case of integration, due to the diversity of environments and systems, it is not possible to have a single price list. If you have a project for us, we encourage you to contact us. We will gather information from you, conduct an analysis and provide you with a price for the preparation and implementation of the solution.