About us


We are a company present in the medical informatics market since 2015. It is formed by people who have devoted their entire professional lives to the industry of systems and devices used in medicine. Many of us have more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Initially, we developed our own IT systems dedicated to medical applications. We have to our credit, among others, our own extensive HIS-class hospital system – eClinic, used to manage patient treatment, as well as our own system for ward first-aid kits or handling documentation archives. These systems successfully worked in Polish hospitals and were liked by the staff for their high degree of automation and ergonomics.

With the technological progress in medicine, more and more various systems and devices began to appear on the market, which, however, were isolated in the medical infrastructure. Our customers began facing this problem while our eClinic system was still in use, and we received numerous requests to connect more and more devices or systems to ours. One of the most significant challenges that arose was that the growing number of new systems and devices increased exponentially the number of interactions between them and forced vendors to costly adapt their products to work in a fragmented IT environment.

Armed with this experience, we began working with Medim sp. z o. o. (LLC), a company specializing in providing various types of medical devices (including very advanced medical robotics). The number of possible devices, systems, and interactions between them made our heads spin. Therefore, we decided to solve this problem systemically and created our specialized Medway enterprise service bus (ESB). Based on modern technologies, able to work in a distributed system or the cloud, supporting the most important integration and communication technologies, and equipped with easy semantic customization capabilities, it turned out to be a hit.

Thanks to the technological core of our Medway ESB, encased in specialized modules, we can integrate almost any system and device. The only conditions are only whether the system/device/sensor in question allows it, its manufacturer has provided for such an option and documentation is available.


So we offer you our services in this regard and invite you to read more detailed information as well as to contact us.